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Since 2003, Focus America has helped B2B companies quantifiably improve the sales leadership, productivity and performance of their sales organizations.

Whether it's through changes to the way companies generate new business, the integration of sales technology and processes, the implementation of sales management structure and tools, recruitment of new sales/sales management personnel, or via our sales training and coaching, let Focus partner with you to build a proactive, high-performing, measurable and accountable sales organization!

Focus Helps Sales Organizations:

  • Build a proactive sales culture
  • Restructure and re-focus the sales efforts
  • Install a Sales Process
  • Select and implement a CRM
  • Maintain a healthy pipeline
  • Grow existing customers
  • Manage the sales team  
  • Train the sales team
  • Train the Sales Manager(s)
  • Implement sales metrics
  • Design compensation plans
  • Recruit all sales roles

Our Philosophy
Instead of relying solely on maintaining good sales reps (which is an important but risky strategy), Focus believes that for a sales organization to consistently and measurably perform at the highest level also requires strategies in the following areas:

Sales Management Flowchart
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